Be a Rebel!

“Talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among nonconformists, dissenters, and rebels.” David Ogilvy

Let me start by saying I am fairly new to the world of blogging, but I do come with a lot of life experience.  I do know if you want a different result you need to try a different process. No one wants to be like everyone else, but we continue to live our lives like everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to take inspiration from other businesses and people but if you look like the cheap version of greatness, what is the point? Be a rebel, a nonconformist, but most importantly be yourself. The world thirst for real people. Go against the grain if it makes the world a better place.


Author: Anthony Mcclain

Mini Cooper owner, marketer, net-worker, podcast junkie, guitar slinger, content consumer, and bibliophile. I'm always trying to better myself!

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