A Brief Guide

How does copywriting play into your online marketing strategy? It is a simple question to ask, but a very difficult one to answer for most businesses. “It is important to grab the consumer’s attention when they first arrive at your site!” That line is a cliché in the world of online marketing but there is a reason behind that… because it is TRUE! You only have seconds to catch the consumer’s attention, after that they bounce. So what is your point, Anthony? My point is there is a lot that plays into capturing someone’s attention.  Today I want to focus on the copywriting aspect.

When people come to your site you can bet your sweet cheeks that they are not going to read your content in a linear sequence. What people will do is scan your site. What are they scanning for? They are scanning for the keywords that brought them to your site, to begin with. Those Keywords will vary from site to site. Whatever your site is based upon make your message clear, punchy, and brief. Get to the point! As the attendant of the site, that is your responsibility. Make your copy easy to digest. A few ways to do that is using short sentences, short paragraphs, and easy to read list.


Hands On Experience

In my search to understand copywriting, a fellow copywriter suggested Gary Halbert’s Hands on Experience. I must say… WOW! There is so much good info in this letter and it is FREE! It is a must read for anyone interested in copywriting, advertising, or any type of marketing. I don’t want to go into great detail of what he has written because I feel like I would not do it justice.  But I say get your notebooks ready and be prepared to take notes. It is a marketing goldmine. I will put a link at the bottom for you. Let me know what you think! Also, if you have tips, advice, suggestions, etc. let’s start a discussion.


Copywriting… A Good Idea?

So… I thought I would try something new this week. Every scene I have started studying marketing back in 2012, I have had admiration for copywriters. I find it incredible how they can deliver a message in so few words. I have decided to study copy during my free time. I hope it goes well. It seems to be somewhat intimidating so far, but I am not the type to back down from a challenge. I believe it can make me a better writer (which I struggled with growing up). So if you happen to stumble upon this and have any advice then drop me a line. I’ll update you on my journey!